Welcome to the Information Website for the Stechert v. Travelers Class Action Settlement.

UPDATE: The Court-ordered claim filing period has ended, and the Settlement has received final approval from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. On August 25, 2022, the Claims Administrator issued checks to eligible Class Members who submitted a valid and timely Claim Form. The check constitutes full satisfaction of your claim pursuant to the Court’s Order. If you receive multiple checks containing different tracking numbers, it has been determined that you are entitled to those payments as well.

If you receive a check greater than $300 it is because it was determined that you are entitled to that amount due to having multiple losses.

If you had an auto insurance policy in Pennsylvania issued by Travelers Insurance Company or an affiliate and received 1–30 days of rental coverage after sustaining a total loss to your vehicle after January 16, 2011, and before May 28, 2021, you may be able to get a payment from this Class Action Settlement.

In the lawsuit, Plaintiffs claim generally, that, in breach of the Policies, Defendants improperly limited the amount of rental benefits, known as ETE coverage, were provided to a period of time less than thirty (30) days and failed to pay the Plaintiffs and Settlement Class Members necessary amounts for ETE. The Settling Defendants contend that they did nothing wrong and contend that they paid the full and appropriate amounts for ETE coverage.

In a class action, one or more people called Class Representatives, sue on behalf of people who have similar claims. All of these people are part of a “Class.” One court resolves the issues for all Class Members, except for those who have previously excluded themselves from the Class. Judge Karen S. Marston of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is presiding over this class action.

Your Legal Rights and Options in This Settlement
Submit a Claim Form This is the only way to get a payment in this Settlement. Travelers’ records indicate you would be entitled to a single payment in the amount of $30.00, $75.00, $200.00 or $300.00 as further explained in FAQ 7. If the Settlement is approved, you must submit a Claim Form to receive a payment in connection with this Settlement.
Comment (including Objections) Write to the Court about what you think about the Settlement.
Go to the Hearing If you would like, you may ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlement. You do not need to do this to receive a payment under the Settlement.
Do Nothing You will get no payment if you do not submit a Claim Form and you will still be bound by the terms of the Settlement.
Exclude Yourself from the Settlement Get out of this Settlement. Get no benefits from it. Keep your right to sue for the claims alleged in this class action.

These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained on this website.